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Garden Rhubarb: A Crisp, Delicious Summer Vegetable

Garden Rhubarb: A Crisp, Delicious Summer Vegetable

June 11, 2020

Garden Rhubarb: A Crisp, Delicious Summer Vegetable

While many of us use rhubarb in our culinary creations as a fruit-like filler (cooking it with sugar for use in pies, crumbles and crisps), this herbaceous perennial is in fact a vegetable! We love rhubarb, as it’s an excellent source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamin K, and potassium. Rhubarb is also low in sugar relative to other vegetables; 100 grams of rhubarb contains 1.1 grams of sugar, where the same portion of carrots would contain 4.7 grams.

Our Ideal Protein Lifestyle Coaches, Jen and Shelley, have teamed up to create some mouth-watering rhubarb recipes that are phase-one friendly, to make sure you stay on track with the daily vegetable intake your body needs while suppressing your sweet tooth. This versatile vegetable works great in a refreshing summer smoothie, popsicle, jell-o dessert, and more.

Watch as the coaches introduce some of these desserts and snacks that you can easily recreate at home, including the strawberry banana smoothie:

One of our coaches’ favourite ways to enjoy rhubarb is in compote form. Watch as they walk you through making this fan-favourite in just a few simple steps.

Stock up now at your local farmer’s market while this versatile veggie is available and in season, and store in the freezer for later use!

For more health and nutritional advice, visit the Coaches Corner on our Youtube Channel. To book your consultation with one of our Ideal Protein Lifestyle Coaches and to get started on your journey to better health, e-mail

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