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Thieves Oil Essential Oil Blend

Thieves Oil Essential Oil Blend

June 15, 2020

We know why they call it Thieves Oil, because this all-natural essential oil blend has stolen our hearts. A blend of lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary, and clove, Thieves Oil can serve many purposes to enhance the health of our homes and bodies. Some traditional and lesser known uses of this all-in-one blend include:

  • As a diffuser, to fight sickness and cleanse the air of pathogens
  • As a spot treatment, to relieve acne/skin flare-ups
  • As a numbing agent, to be applied to tooth decay to numb the pain and remediate the infection
  • As a multi-surface cleaning agent, when mixed with soapy water
  • As an energizer and mood booster, when diffused
  • As a bath bomb
  • As a kid-friendly hand sanitizer
  • As a non-chemical glass cleaner
  • As a natural mouthwash
  • As a natural deodorant
  • As an all-natural foot soak to relieve sore feet

Take your wellness to the next level with our Salt Spring Naturals Marseille’s Remedy Traditional Oil Blend, to reap the aforementioned health rewards. We also carry the Marseille’s Remedy Balm to relieve muscle/joint pain, and to clear our airways to help us breathe easy.

No diffuser at home? No problem. Visit us in-store to pick one up, and let our knowledgeable staff provide you with the personalized customer care you deserve. We carry a wide variety of essential oils and natural remedies to help you live well.

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